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"She is not without her supporters."

                                                                                                                                                           - Hamish Eisler 


Please do not post additional responses to Hamish Eisler.  I have contacted local police.  

Michael is a former consultant to British Intelligence. Michael and the South San Francisco Police Department will sort out Hamish Eisler.

Update: I met Michael in New York, one month after I closed my school. As a result, I now spend most of my time  in England.  As Joni Mitchell said of Paris: "It's old and cold and settled in its ways there..." England is much the same. But if you'll remember: I  have always felt very much at home in the UK.   I do make periodic visits to the United States.  Michael has consultancy work and I still have family, friends and literary engagements there.  

 However, because my  Cherokee  roots are forever interwoven with the North American soil: Whilst visiting the States you'll  most likely find Michael and me in Willits, Pepperwood, Meyers Flat or one of the other rustic towns nestled in and amongst the majestic Avenue of the Giants.  So funny.  The Cherokee who loves England and the Englishman who loves the Redwoods.

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I have tried in all ways possible to apologize for anything I have said or done that might have offended the Eislers.  Clearly, not every business arrangement works out. Sadly, agreements sometimes end on an unnecessarily sour note. But I have always been a firm believer that when allowed: time and a little understanding go a long way in helping old wounds heal.  Be that as it may, I sincerely hope this is the very last time circumstances necessitate a revisiting of this issue. My life is so different now. So many old routines and ways have been left behind. I have moved so far forward. The distance from then to now is so vast, so great: that l am constantly amazed each time I look around and realize the wonderful and unexpected places the winds of time have carried me.  So once again: I wish the Eisler family the very best. I trust the disparaging remarks will cease. And that Hamish Eisler comes to terms with the differences that exist between us so we can all finally breathe and move and live in peace.

Two Final Bits of Information for My Students

This is a statue of Pocahontas.  Yes, she was a real Native American Indian.   This statue is located at her final resting place on the grounds of St. George's Church in Kent, England. The church is a short drive from our home. 

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Sequoyah was a Native American Indian of the Cherokee tribe.

He  developed a system of writing so the members of our tribe could communicate with each other when we were in far away places. 

The Cherokee Indians were the only Native American tribe to have their own written language.  Do you remember how I stressed the importance of your daily penmanship lessons? The Sequoia Redwood trees are believed to have been named after him.  Now you know.

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I read all of my parent emails. It's so heart-warming to hear how nicely my students are progressing. You have all been accepted into the private school of your choice and you're excelling at the elementary level.  It was my exquisite delight and my everlasting joy to have sang and danced and laughed with you for a few moments in time.  May your walk through life be a very long and happy journey.  Please  know I miss and I love each and every one of you.

-Mrs. (King)