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At the height of Ireland's Great Famine, Choctaws in southern states of the USA sent a donation of $170 (£111). An extraordinary whip-round that would be tens of thousands of dollars today.

One million people died in Ireland and another two million left the country when the potato crop failed for successive years, removing a vegetable that poor people ate every day. 


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The Trail o​f Tears

The generosity of American Indians.

A Fitting Tribute

Kindred Spirits is a large stainless steel outdoor sculpture in Bailick Park in Midleton, Ireland.

Kindred Spirits commemorates an 1847 donation by the Native American Choctaw People to Irish famine relief during the Great Hunger, despite the Choctaw themselves having recently endured the Trail of Tears.

The sculpture consists of nine 20-foot stainless steel eagle feathers arranged in a circle, no two feathers being identical, forming a bowl shape to represent a gift of a bowl of food. It was created by Alex Pentek at the Sculpture Factory in Cork, Ireland. The memorial was commissioned by Midleton Town Council and was officially unveiled and dedicated in June 2017 by Chief Gary Batton, Chief of the Choctaw Nation. 

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"Kindred Spirits" 

Bailick Park, Midleton, Ireland.

Michael and I recently visited Dublin, Cork and Midleton-Ireland.

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Best regards to all.

Forever Native,

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